Our company – Only producing & focusing in polyurethane dispersion
  • Experienced in research and manufacture of polyurethane dispersion over 25 years
  • R & D Members / total stuffs > 20%
  • Production:In line & every steps under quality monitoring
  • Quality control:Total quality checking for every intrinsic properties & important application functions

Always concerned -- Environment friendly
  • Most products are 100% solvent-free
  • Most products comply with any chemical regulation of all the firms in the world (including REACH)

Our products -- Investigation of needs instead of product promotion
  • From middle to high solid content (≧ 60%)
  • From ultra-soft to very hard film (pencil hardness ≧ 4H)
  • From high toughness to very brittle with good trimming behavior
  • From high wash fastness (50℃ water/over 25 cycles) to high solvent resistant (MEK rub > 500 cycles)
  • From low temperature thermo-active (45℃-55℃) to high temperature resistant (≧250℃)
  • From ionic PUD to non-ionic and cationic PUD
  • From thermo-cure PUD to UV-cure PUD
  • From PU-acrylic hybrid to epoxy or silicone-grafted PUD
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